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PTFE shaped parts

·PTFE ball ·PTFE welding products ·PTFE welding products



PTFE shaped parts

  • 产品描述
    • Commodity name: PTFE shaped parts
    • Commodity ID: 015

    ·PTFE ball ·PTFE welding products ·PTFE welding products

    Product features:

    1. Has extremely low friction coefficient

    2. Excellent self-lubrication

    3. Superior sealing performance

    4. Stable size without deformation


    Product Usage:

    1. Suitable for sealing components, anti-corrosion channel components, and chemical anti-corrosion containers in various corrosive media at temperatures ranging from -180 ℃ to+250 ℃.

    2. Wear reduction of mechanical equipment, oil-free lubricating materials.

    3. Insulated parts at various frequencies.

    Key words:
    • PTFE shaped parts

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