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Shenzhen WOTE Advanced Materials Co.,Ltd.

Shenzhen WOTE Advanced Materials Co.,Ltd.

Shenzhen WOTE Advanced Materials Co.,Ltd. (A-share stock code: 002886, abbreviated as Wote Stock) was incorporated in 2001. Adhering to the core values of “be unique for you”, It is our responsibility to solve the difficulties and pain points of customers and provide valuable products for the industrial chain, we have grown to lead the new materials industry in China through 20 years of growth.



WOTE has undertaken many science and technology projects, and industrialization projects on the national, provincial and municipal scale. Meanwhile, we have set up many innovative institutions such as National CNAS Laboratory, Guangdong Engineering Technology Research Center and Guangdong Academician Expert Workstation. We have successively won the national-level specialized and new "key little giant" enterprise, "One-stop" demonstration enterprise of high-speed connector of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China, the Top 7 of China's material companies in terms of innovation, the top 10 special polymers in China, the top 100 manufacturing enterprises in Guangdong Province, etc.WOTE has more than 300 invention patents, of which more than half are PCT international patents.


WOTE places a high premium on talent introduction and cultivation, partnership ecology of appreciation, understanding and generosity, and learning and training in WOTE College, which provides stage of development and opportunity for international teams from different countries. WOTE has set up research and development institutes and manufacturing bases in South China, East China, and Southwest China to provide customers with world-class projects for polymer materials of the whole industry chain. The overall configuration of special polymer materials such as LCP, PTFE, PPA, PPSU, PES,PSU, PEEK, PEKK, from polymerIzationto compounding, can provide independent controllable products in the supply chain that participate in global competition for 5G communications, electrical appliances, aerospace, automotive transportation, semiconductors, medical health, Internet of Things and other industries.Shaping better life,WOTE is always by your side!


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