R & D team

The company has a professional technical R&D team composed of famous domestic experts and professors integrating R&D, technology and management. Its professional scope covers organic chemicals, polymer materials, industrial design, materials science, analytical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, etc. Fields, with interdisciplinary and cross-industry technical research capabilities. The team has rich experience in technology development and industrialization, and has repeatedly customized personalized material solutions for customers in the industry.The Guangdong Provincial Academician Expert Enterprise Workstation co-built by the company and the French Chinese scientist Academician Hu Guohua continues to contribute wisdom to the company. The two parties continue to cooperate in the areas of new material technology reserve, new product development, and new process optimization. At the same time, the two parties will carry out research on related smart manufacturing upgrade plans based on the manufacturing characteristics of the polymer materials industry. The company and academician Jian Xigao of the Chinese Academy of Engineering jointly carried out relevant research on the optimization of the preparation process of composite materials for special polymer materials. The company’s LCP core technical staff and South Korean expert, Dr. Jin Dongzhi, was selected into the "100 Foreign Experts in Jiangsu Province" program and the "Six Top Talents in Jiangsu Province" program. In view of the potential applications of nanomaterials in polymer materials in the future, the company reserves nanomaterials-related professionals in the R&D team in a timely manner.


R & D team

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