Partner culture

Walter regards employees as partners and takes the growth of partners as its own responsibility. If you are a thousand-mile horse, Walter is Bole, not only to provide you with rich and high-quality nutrients, but also to provide you with the vast grassland. Walter, a collaborator who sees employees as partners and teams as souls.


Partner Definition

Walter regards employees and shareholders as partners, suppliers, customers and other partners as partners, working together for the future.

The partnership principle

Integrity and self-discipline, high efficiency, mutual achievement, mission will be achieved

Partner Ecology

Appreciation, understanding, tolerance

Walter Academy


Picture Name

Walter Academy

The learning platform for the growth of the Walter people; the value link platform for the industrial ecology. An enterprise learning and development platform that engages in strategy, engages in business, and faces performance directly, creates a learning culture with Walter's characteristics, promotes the sustainable growth of employees, and promotes the value link of the industrial chain ecological chain.

Headquarters business contact

86-755-2688 0866

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